Alvaro Barrington Studio presents COME HOME, an exclusive portfolio showcasing the works of eight contemporary artists:

Alvaro Barrington
Denzil Forrester
Jasmine Thomas-Girvan
Lisa Brice
Paul Anthony Smith
Peter Doig
Rachel Jones
Simonette Quamina

The eight prints are sold as a portfolio, in a wooden box designed and handmade by Nigel Gideon.

The portfolio is sold for £6,000 (plus applicable taxes), with all proceeds going to the Carnival Village Trust (CVT). The prints are a limited edition of 50 and all prints are signed, dated and numbered by the artists.
Additionally, the designer and artist Jawara Alleyne has made a series of reworked t-shirts, featuring the artists’ work, in support of CVT.

The Notting Hill Carnival, an annual event in London, traces its roots to the mid- 20th century and the cultural richness of the Caribbean diaspora. Originating in response to the 1958 Notting Hill race riots, the carnival aimed to promote unity and celebrate Caribbean traditions. The momentum increased significantly in 1966 with the inaugural event, laying the foundation for the renowned Notting Hill Carnival we know today. Over the years, the carnival has transformed into one of the world’s largest street festivals, drawing millions of participants and spectators. Serving as a vibrant platform for Caribbean culture, the event showcases lively parades, intricate costumes, and music genres like soca, reggae, dancehall and calypso. The Notting Hill Carnival stands as a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of immigrant communities, transforming adversity into a joyous and inclusive celebration that transcends cultural boundaries.

The Carnival Village Trust (CVT) is the leading development agency for Carnival Arts in the United Kingdom. The organisation operates two strategic arts venues and works with carnival arts groups to facilitate workshops and programmes throughout the year. Most notably, in 2018, Carnival Village Trust through its subsidiary Notting Hill Carnival Ltd, was granted the responsibility of organising Notting Hill Carnival, the biggest Caribbean street event in Europe. This commitment involves ongoing collaboration and planning with carnivalists, strategic partners, and the local community throughout the year.

Contributions to the Carnival Village Trust’s development fund are used to actively bolster the economic, social, and cultural advancement of the diverse carnival community. Working with partners, Notting Hill Carnival Ltd has successfully raised funds to support key initiatives, including educational workshops, prize money for masquerade bands and steelbands, the development of an electric vehicle, and direct financial assistance for participating bands. These efforts highlight the organisation’s commitment in cultivating meaningful partnerships to enhance cultural enrichment, sustainability, and inclusive support for the carnival community.

Front page image: Takenya Holness